Term 3 Robotics will be held every Monday lunchtime in the Laburnum Laboratory for our Grade 6 students. Our first session will be Monday 8/8.





Are you interested in Robotics? Please feel free to share your personal investigations into Robotics or ask our Science Leaders about their work with Mindstorms.





On Wednesday lunchtimes this term, the Science Leaders and some helpers have been doing robotics! They have been using Lego NXT, and been having lots of fun making them talk! This week, they will be learning how to make them move.  They are learning about robotics so they can help the Grade 4’s with their DEA Badges this term.  The NXT is a great resource for the school, because you can build the robot any way you want! It works with a computer program that you connect it to, and you make a program that controls the robot. NXT is a great resource for our school and we are lucky to have it!


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  1. Lately we have been working with robots and we have been programming lego robots. The leaders that are running the activity are teaching the grade 4’s how to program and run the robots. So far we have run the program but have not included the sensors.

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