Laburnum Science Committee 2016.

Thank you to our Science Committee for 2016. We had our final meeting for 2016 last night and celebrated many of the exciting science activities being held at Laburnum PS. These activities are not contained to our classrooms and cover a range of different science concepts. If you would like to join our committee in 2017 please watch this blog for further information regarding meetings etc. We would welcome new members.




Our Science Room now has an official name. Here is our new sign that will be displayed in and around the Laburnum Laboratory.

Laburnum Laboratory4

Many thanks to Tobias for his great idea and patience with design.


Do you love Science?

Are you a parent or family member of the Laburnum community?

Can you offer any assistance, ideas or resources to the school that might help our teachers deliver a top notch Science/Inquiry program?

  • Biology – living things, plant & animal adaptations
  • Chemicals – mixing, properties & how things change
  • Space – solar system & gravity
  • Physical – motion & force

AIM – the aim is to build a resource consisting of contacts and resources that can support our staff when planning and delivering the Science Curriculum at Laburnum PS.

If you can help us please email your details to attention Jan Trend.

What I can offer/Who I know/What I know.

Excursion/Incursion ideas


Digital Technologies

·       Coding

·      How things work

·      How it can help us


·      Living things

·      Adaptations/survival

·      How are things & places different


·      Mixing/reactions

·      Properties

·      How things change


·      Motion

·      Push/pull

·      Light

·      Food production


·      Galaxies

·      Planets

·      Stars

·      Gravity/rotation


Name and contact details





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