Grade 4 Science Night.

Grade 4 Science Night.


On Wednesday 5th October we ran our annual Grade 4 Science Evening. We had 46 enthusiastic Grade 4 students, with their parents, participating in four exciting science activities. The activities were run by some very talented mums from our school community – Kerryn Cameron, Bronwyn Greaves, Tasneem Poonawala and Melissa Martyn. The activities involved eggs, rockets, heart rates and coding. We had a fantastic night and we wish to thank our wonderful parents for their work on the night.



Quotes for the students-


Science Night was fun. All the activities were well planned. It was very organised. We learnt how to make glow in the dark eggs as well as many other things, – Lily

It was so egg-citing seeing the eggs glow. The balloon rocket experiment was over the moon. – Cammie

It was amazing to see how to make an egg glow. – Tara

My favourite one was the glow in the dark eggs, because everyone got egged by Kiara’s Dad – Asha


Really really fun – especially the egg cracking and the rocket flying to the moon – Roy


It was so good! I liked how we used the balloons to power rockets – Isaac


It was funny how when the egg goes in vinegar it makes the shell bouncy – Lachlan


Jan Trend







Here is the list of students and parents who will be attending the Grade 4 Science Night on Wednesday 5/10.



We are offering the Grade 4 students the chance to participate in an exciting night time activity in our Science Room. Fifty lucky students will be invited to attend the evening with one of their parents. The students will participate in four hands-on science activities presented by some of our talented parents from the Science Committee.

The evening will be held on Wednesday 5th October. We will meet on the decking outside the Science Room and OSHC room at 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start. Each activity will run for approximately 15 minutes. The evening will finish at 7:30/8pm. As we have a limited amount of spaces for the evening the students will gain access on a “first in, first served” basis. If you would like to attend with your child please fill out the form that will be sent home with your child and return it as soon as possible to secure a place. It should be a great night for everyone.


Our Grade 4 Science Night will be held on Wednesday 5/10. We are hoping to have more activities this year and therefore the committee, along with the support of the Grade 4 teachers, have decided to run the night in the first week of Term 4. More information about this night will be available very soon.






















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