Future Assembly

Do you or your children have a passion for science and technology in the future? If so ‘Future Assembly’ is an event that could interest you.



Future Assembly is Australia’s emergent technology festival. It was founded by three buddies who would give anything to live in the future. An event designed for everyone with a focus on a connected world, Future Assembly aims to enable people to experience the future of science and technology. It is an experience for people of any age. One of our parents has organized a discount for Laburnum families. This discount enables you to purchase a single regular adult ticket at 30% reduction and students will gain free entrance. It you would like to access further information regarding this event please go to the following website.




Jan Trend


Coding for the younger students.

Here is a school holiday activity for younger kids who want to do some coding (ages 5-8):

Miss Makes Code


#MissMakesCode is the first hackathon in the world created to build confidence and self efficacy in the areas of algorithmic thinking, programming and coding for in young girls from 5-8 years of age.

There will be explicit teaching of visible thinking skills so that the girls will be able to work in a variety of computational ways to solve problems via coding, in a day of specially designed workshops.

These 😀fun😀 and engaging workshops will be run by specialist teachers who will utilise iPad Apps to teach and hone this skill set. To ensure solid pedagogical approaches are used, #MissMakesCode aligns with the Digital Technologies Curriculum.

This premiere event will help to increase the numbers of women in future IT careers and diversify IT roles for women.

I hope you have fun!


PrintACar Competition

3D Print-a-Car Competition

Thursday 18th August was Race Day! It saw a group of 9 extremely talented and dedicated Grade 5 students attend Quantum Victoria with a 3D printed racing car. These students have been working hard at lunchtimes on a weekly basis with Mrs Trend, Mr Herreen and David Ng (a parent and 3D printing guru). Firstly, a big thank you to David for his ability to offer his time and expertise. With David’s knowledge, students were able to design and print their cars using the two 3D printers at Laburnum Primary School.

Students attended Quantum Victoria with a range of other schools from across Victoria. Laburnum was the only primary school that competed on the day. Our two hard working teams were both lucky enough to make it through the final stage held in November. Teams were scored on their design, race time, reaction time and team poster that outlined their design process. The cars had to meet correct weight and size guidelines, movable wheels, have space for fishing line to go through – to keep the car on the track and an accurately designed space for a carbon canister that helps propel the vehicle. Students had to press the release button when the lights went out and the timer stopped when the car crossed the 25m track.

These students participated in a number of activities on the day; racing, Scratch coding, legotronics and answering questions from schools across the state via skype. Thank you to the Glen and Julie (parents) for helping with transportation and supervision.

We look forward to competing in the finals. Well done Laburnum!

Blake Herreen

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 7.39.18 AM

Science Week

Yes it is ‘Science Week’ this week! All of our students have been involved in engaging and exciting science activities throughout the term. In particular we will be running one of our LOUISE Intergenerational sessions with some of our Grade 5 students this week. The focus will be on 3D printing and design and technology. The students will be designing a gift for their LOUISE buddies and then they will show them how to create the design using FreeCad. Each child will produce their design and will present it to their buddy during the last session. Please keep a look out for some photos of our activities together.




Do you or your family love learning about astronomy?

If the answer is yes, there is a family friendly Astronomy talk at Swinburne University Hawthorn.

When – Friday 19 August

Time – 6:30pm-7:30pm

Need more information? Just follow the link below-





Fact or Fiction.

Find out at Science Fact or Fiction 2.0; a big screen experience where the World Wide Web collides with cutting edge science. Fact or Fiction 2.0 is a 90 minute show where the audience watch popular internet clips before voting on whether the information featured is actual science fact or pure science fiction.

Once the audience voting has been locked in, a panel of ANSTO scientists will critique the science featured and provide the answer.

Fact or Fiction has been designed to be highly entertaining and educational and attract those that aren’t necessarily interested in science by providing them with a big dose of pop-culture.

As part of the interactive format of our show, we recommend the audience please bring their own devices with WiFi connectivity capability (which we will connect to the venue’s WiFi). Devices can include smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Melbourne – 7:00pm Tuesday 16 August 2016

Australian Synchrotron

300 Blackburn Rd, Clayton


See more at: http://www.ansto.gov.au/Events/FactorFiction/#sthash.HbGB3eOh.dpuf


PrintACar Competition

Today we had our “race-off” for the Year 5/6 PrintACar Competition. Approximately 20 students from Year 5 and 6 have been dedicating every Tuesday lunchtime to learning how to program and create items using our 3D printers. The students had to design, program and print all of the parts of a car (except for the axel). They had to use glue to piece the different parts together to create their car. We had six cars racing against each other. The winning teams won many races, however, they also demonstrated skills such as resilience, persistence, risk taking and problem solving. The teams were also judged on their ability to work together in a supportive and co-operative manner.

As a result two teams were chosen to represent Laburnum in the Quantum PrintACar Competition on Thursday 18th August. We wish both teams the best of luck on the day. They will certainly have a fun filled and exciting day.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our parent helper, David. Without David’s assistance this program would not be possible. Thanks also to Tim for helping set up the race track and race the cars on the day.



Coding Club Update.



We are excited to be able to offer two Coding Club sessions next term. These clubs with commence in week two of Term Three.


We will be running a Coding Club on Monday mornings for students in Grades 5 and 6 (girls and boys). This club will be run by one of our school parents and Jan Trend.


We will also be running a Coding Club on Wednesday mornings for girls in Grades 5 and 6. This club will be run by two of our school parents and Ellise Moncrieff.


Both clubs will be offering the same activities and be using the program “Scratch”. We will be able to cater for 14 students in each club. The students will need to be at school by 8:15am and will finish at 8:55am. The students will be required to attend on a regular basis to support continuity of the program.


The clubs will initially run on a weekly basis. Half way through the term we will review the process and make a decision as to whether the clubs run on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


The students will require a laptop, so if they are a school user we will arrange for them to access their laptop earlier than usual.

The students will have the chance to sign up for the Coding Club in the first week of Term 3.



Jan Trend


Are you interested in Coding?

Next term we will be offering two morning sessions for students interested in joining our Coding Club. One session will be run for girls in Grade 5 and 6 and the other session will be for any interested students in Grade 5 and 6. More information about these sessions will be posted later in the term.