PrintACar Competition

3D Print-a-Car Competition

Thursday 18th August was Race Day! It saw a group of 9 extremely talented and dedicated Grade 5 students attend Quantum Victoria with a 3D printed racing car. These students have been working hard at lunchtimes on a weekly basis with Mrs Trend, Mr Herreen and David Ng (a parent and 3D printing guru). Firstly, a big thank you to David for his ability to offer his time and expertise. With David’s knowledge, students were able to design and print their cars using the two 3D printers at Laburnum Primary School.

Students attended Quantum Victoria with a range of other schools from across Victoria. Laburnum was the only primary school that competed on the day. Our two hard working teams were both lucky enough to make it through the final stage held in November. Teams were scored on their design, race time, reaction time and team poster that outlined their design process. The cars had to meet correct weight and size guidelines, movable wheels, have space for fishing line to go through – to keep the car on the track and an accurately designed space for a carbon canister that helps propel the vehicle. Students had to press the release button when the lights went out and the timer stopped when the car crossed the 25m track.

These students participated in a number of activities on the day; racing, Scratch coding, legotronics and answering questions from schools across the state via skype. Thank you to the Glen and Julie (parents) for helping with transportation and supervision.

We look forward to competing in the finals. Well done Laburnum!

Blake Herreen

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