Fact or Fiction.

Find out at Science Fact or Fiction 2.0; a big screen experience where the World Wide Web collides with cutting edge science. Fact or Fiction 2.0 is a 90 minute show where the audience watch popular internet clips before voting on whether the information featured is actual science fact or pure science fiction.

Once the audience voting has been locked in, a panel of ANSTO scientists will critique the science featured and provide the answer.

Fact or Fiction has been designed to be highly entertaining and educational and attract those that aren’t necessarily interested in science by providing them with a big dose of pop-culture.

As part of the interactive format of our show, we recommend the audience please bring their own devices with WiFi connectivity capability (which we will connect to the venue’s WiFi). Devices can include smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Melbourne – 7:00pm Tuesday 16 August 2016

Australian Synchrotron

300 Blackburn Rd, Clayton


See more at: http://www.ansto.gov.au/Events/FactorFiction/#sthash.HbGB3eOh.dpuf


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